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The Crucial Role of DEXA Scans for Women in Perimenopause and Menopause

As women navigate through the transformative phase of perimenopause, characterized by hormonal fluctuations and very real physical changes, the importance of prioritizing health and preventative measures becomes paramount. Multiple changes are happening in our bodies during perimenopause, some of these changes you can see in the mirror but most are invisible to the naked eye.

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Women-Specific Training Part 1

None of my coaches ever asked me about my menstrual cycle, and none of my training was ever adjusted based on how I was feeling or what phase my hormones were in. None of the female-specific hydration or recovery protocols were mentioned.

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10 Easy Back Stretches

Most of us spend the majority of our daily life sitting at our desks in front of computers. Then we spend our evenings slouching looking at our phones. Then we wake up and get in the aero position for hours on our bikes. Sometimes I think I look like a T-Rex with arms in front and shoulders forward.

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Triathlon Packing List

It is amazing how much stuff we need to bring with us for a triathlon race! Even after years being in the sport, I still find myself spending too much time organizing and going over my checklist of things I need or may need for my race.

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Mental Toughness

Endurance events like Ironman train not only your physical body but also your mind. Mental toughness is one of the greatest benefits that one can gain from completing an ultra-distance event.

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Hydration And Athletic Performance

We keep hearing how important it is to stay hydrated, particularly during exercise, and especially in hot conditions. We all know it, yet so many athletes end up in the medical tent after a hot race due to fluid imbalance in their bodies.

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The Effects of Contraception on Female Athletes’ Performance

A general understanding of female physiology is largely missing in the domain of female athlete training. It is essential to know how to work with her body, not against it, to achieve the best possible results. Coach Kat talks about The Effects of Contraception on Female Athletes’ Performance in her TrainingPeaks article.

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Coaching Female Athletes Through Perimenopause and Menopause

As the number of women in perimenopause and menopause increases in the triathlon community, it is important that we as coaches, athletes and fitness professionals are prepared to address their specific needs. Coach Kat talks about the best training approach for these athletes in her TrainingPeaks article.

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Sweat Testing Protocol

Sweat testing assessment is an important part of the Sports Nutritionist fluid intake recommendations for athletes.

It is based on the premise that body mass losses during exercise are reflective of fluid loss. As such, the change in body mass after exercise can be used to estimate whole body sweat loss during exercise.

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